Voice is data and data is voice. The way we communicate today s across multiple channels. A business conversation can start as a chat, then become an email thread, and ultimately a conference call. The way you mange communication with your customers and colleagues will determine your success In the multi-channel world of business communication. Voice and data integration is no longer purely in the realm of telecom. It falls squarely on the shoulders of not only IT, but CEO’s and CFO’s as well. BlueCloud’s Unified Communication systems not only simplify integration, but deliver immediate cost reductions as well. We combine high end- user appeal and rapid ROI. BlueCloud offers a complete solution for enterprise communication, including voice, video, instant messaging, presence, conferencing, collaboration, unified messaging, call center implementation, and mobility.

BlueCloud believes in unified communications, so we offer software, cloud-based solutions for messaging, conferencing and mobility. The advantages are clear:

INTEROPERABILIY Using standard SIP & XMPP protocols, our voice, messaging and conferencing applications can usually be added to an existing legacy system, allowing for phased implementation.

LOWER MONTHLY EXPENDITIJRES BLueCloud works with the top Global & Local ITSP’s / ISP’s to guarantee reliable service at a lower price while improving Quality of Service..

LOWER COST ADMINISTATION IT application management, ¡n the cloud, and on standard hardware significantly lowers administration costs.

SCALE Application performance scales almost instantly, and provides redundancy and clustering. The system is virtually limitless in capacity. No organization ¡s too large or too small.

Want that competitive advantage? BlueCloud offers complete solutions for voice, Unified Messaging, Conferencing. Instant Messaging, Presence, and Mobility. These solutions can be deployed as standalone systems, adding value to an existing (IP) PBX deployment and facilitating a step-by-step migration from

an old system to an all software based communications infrastructure. Moving to our software and cloud based voice, messaging and conferencing applications is easy and low risk. The cost savings of a unified and centralized system will speak for themselves. The time is now.