Cloud Computing

We have moved numerous companies to a cloud based infrastructure using many Cloud Service Providers including Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and IBM. These services allow for companies to leverage connectivity, compute, and storage resources without investing in hardware that will eventually expire. Reliability is key to understanding the viability of using Cloud Services over internal hardware or co-location services. Backups are automated and can be copied between cloud providers as well as nearly instant to recover from. Many of our customers see a large increase in performance due to latest gen hardware used by Amazon AWS and other cloud vendors. Give us a call so we can help you understand the benefits of cloud computing.

Help Desk

Help Desk services offered by BlueCloud give end users an imediate way to start resolving their issues with any computer or software. This can be initiated with an email or phone call to our support team. We use remote monitoring software which allows us to instantly gain access to the machine to help resolve the issue. With each computer that is covered with our Help Desk plan we include Anti-Virus as well as Patch Management which guarantees that computers that we maintain stay up to date as well as protected from all currently knows computer infections. When under our Help Desk services most issues will be found by our monitoring software before an end-user notices any issue. We are able to look into and resolve most issues without any intervention or notice to an end-user.