Bluecloud’s WAN optimization allows you to use less expensive Internet connections without loss of speed or reliability, and may even increase both. Essentially, network and WAN optimization means you can funnel a lot of information down a very small pipe. We maximize the efficiency of your existing Internet connection to counter slow network responses, and work with you to increase internet speeds and decrease latencies by as much as loo times. WAN Optimization becomes one of the greatest cost saving mechanisms available as organizations move to virtual and cloud based systems. BlueCloud keeps an eye on you. We offer state of the art network monitoring services. Most often we are able to tell your network is experiencing difficulties before you cari. We can correct performance issues before they become a problem for you at all. BlueCloud’s Network Optimization and monitoring services cut costs and eliminate stress on your systems. Improving your end- user experience and maximizing your profits. Our WAN Optimization techniques include:

DEDUPLICATION Eliminates the transfer of redundant data across the WAN by sending references instead of the actual data. By working at the byte level, benefits are achieved across IP applications.

A COMPRESSION Relies on data patterns that can be represented more efficiently. Essentially, compression techniques similar to ZIP, PAR, ARJ etc. are applied on-the-fly to data passing through hardware (or virtual machine) based WAN acceleration appliances.

TRAFFiC SHAPING Controls data flow for specific applications giving flexibility to network operators/network admins to decide which applications take precedence over the WAN. A common use case of traffic shaping would be to prevent one protocol or application from hogging or flooding a link over other protocols deemed more important by the business/administrator. Some WAN acceleration devices are able to traffic shape with granularity far beyond traditional network devices. Such as shaping traffic per user AND per application basis simultaneously.

EQUALIZING Makes assumptions on what needs immediate priority based on the data usage. Excellent choice for wide open unregulated Internet connections and clogged VPN tunnels.

PROTOCOL SPOOFI NG Bundles multiple request from chatty applications into one. May also include streamlining protocols such as CIFS.

A SIMPLE RATELIMITS Prevents one user from getting more than a fixed amount of data. Best suited as a stopgap first effort for a remediating a congested Internet connection or WAN link.