Organizations cannot always avoid disasters, but with carefulplanning the effects of a disaster can be minimized. The objectiveof a disaster recovery plan is to minimize downtime and dataloss. Essentially, ¡t protects the organization if computer systemsmalfunction. BlueCloud’s approach is simple. We insure that ourcllenrs entire networks are backed up and replicated, and thatthe data is easily and quickly accessible. Our approach makes ¡tpossible to restore entire networks in hours instead of days.

We use an engineered and systematic approach, tailored to thespecific needs of each client. Our solutions include replication,onsite, and offsite backups, in conjunction with cloud-hostedsolutions and 2417 monitoring of all systems. BlueCloud willinsure the integrity and security of your most valued asset anddata, while also offering the farest disaster recovery out there.This kind of security and reliability starts with a good plan, ours isproven.