By consolidating your IT resources using technologies such as Microsoft Amazon Web Services, and VMware, BlueClouĂ°s system of virtualization eliminates operational Inefficiencies and overinvestment in IT infrastructure. We create an IT environment so scalable that you simply add resources when more storage or processing power is needed. With our cloud and virtualization services it is that easy.

Your IT requirements grow with your business. Let BlueCloud handle that growth, and maximize your IT budget. BlueCloud has aligned with companies like IX Systems, Polycom, eZuce, Brocade, HP, Dell, AudioCodes. Sangoma, NetGate, and many others. Our solutions, compared to companies that use single branded solutions, can reduce overall expenditure by 50%. At the same time, our solutions increase performance and support availability by utilizing vendors that focus on a specific line of products to guarantee interoperability.

With BlueCiouds Cloud ana Virtualization Services you wiil see the simplicity of IT systems grow alongside the success of your business.